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The Future's Bright - If You Move With The Times...

Steve Grant

The Job Post, Tumblr The Job Post, Tumblr

Highlights from the Job Post - Recruitment Leaders Connect

LaunchPad enjoyed a day with their friends from the JobPost and a group of forward thinking Recruitment Leaders this week. And the word on the street, was bright and positive. A great opportunity for businesses to flourish, if they think a little differently. Here's some of the main themes we thoughts were worthy of sharing with you, if you weren't there, or even if you were!

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF - hot topic is differentiation. How does a recruitment business stand out from the crowd? Should they have an industry or service niche?... Graeme Read, Director at 3RInside, looked at a lot of websites and discovered that most of them used a word 'unique' to describe themselves - how distinctive and 'unique' is that? Focusing on quality rather than quantity really can deliver pay back. @LaunchPad has the same mandate in terms of service delivery. But you've got to believe it to deliver it...

RECRUITERS' INTERNAL CULTURE - the fastest growing businesses are those who focus as heavily on their internal culture and ethos, as they do their outward facing brand. And for recruiters, bringing a human 'touch' to their service, is never more necessary. Are you delivering a service and genuine ethic to your customers?

SECTOR GROWTH - The smart folks at Broadbean shared their data about the extent of industry growth - and grow it will! Businesses are investing in headcount, and need the support of expert recruiters - but they're also skilling up their own teams, so showing stand out capability is going to be sure you gain your bit of the £30bn opportunity!

A GUIDING HAND -The challenge surrounding the on-going talent shortage can often be evidenced by the fact that businesses in some cases are just not paying market rates. Steve Barnhurst from Broadbean argued that the recruiters should challenge employers and advice on right job - right salary, to fill their roles.

QUALITY OF HIRE continues to be a topic of much debate for recruiters both in-house and agency side. Customers are increasingly expecting recruiters to deliver against this metric but are they prepared to track and share the data to make this measurement possible? How do you guide your customers?

And finally - great to hear that NURTURING TALENT is recognised as essential for the future of our industry. Scaling recruitment businesses needs a core of smart thinkers and doers to deliver that great service businesses need. Now's the time to make the investment which in turn should help to keep the good ones. Could we ever see a time where turnover in the recruitment sector is lower than in the corporate world?..

A really interesting day and great to hear a future view is possible and recruiters are thinking hard about their take to market offer. At LaunchPad, we think Innovation, all the time, and are constantly developing ways for smart recruiters to stand out from the rest and deliver a great service to their customers - using the power of Technology. If you'd like to know more, then drop us a line.

Steve Grant

Business Development Manager at LaunchPad. We believe in seeing more of a person, of a company of an impact by building influential video screening, assessment and engagement technology that fits within the employment lifecycle.