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Making Your Candidate Experience Great Doesn't Have to Be Hard Work

Clare Hopping

Making Your Candidate Experience Great Doesn't Have to Be Hard Work


JD Hancock/flickrMany companies don’t realise that by taking simple steps like improving the candidate experience and raising applicants’ level of engagement, they can more easily and successfully recruit top talent.

In the past, the hiring process has predominantly been a one-sided affair. The stress that comes with trying to “nail the interview” has fallen squarely on job-seekers’ shoulders, while the hiring managers sit back and evaluate candidates from above. But this antiquated model is rapidly shifting in favour of a more level playing field.

We all know that the key to a successful company is attracting and hiring top talent. And many hiring managers and recruiters are quickly realising that improving their candidate experience dramatically increases the percentage of successful hires and improves employee retention rates.

Not only does a more candidate-friendly approach make the hiring process more efficient, it ensures that unsuccessful candidates will come away with a positive experience, keeping a company’s reputation intact.

Luckily, technological developments have made improving a candidate’s engagement level and overall experience cost-effective and easy. Here are a few quick and painless ways to bring your company’s recruitment process up to date.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Many companies operate under the misguided notion that a lengthy application process can be an effective tool for weeding out lazy or unenthusiastic candidates. In fact, this will simply serve to repel the actual candidates they’re trying to attract!

Ensuring that your hiring process is simple and streamlined will ultimately create a larger pool of qualified applicants. A recent study by CareerBuilder revealed that up to 60% of job applicants surveyed indicated that they had given up on applications due to their length and complexity.

And now that mobile devices account for over 30% of all job site traffic, making sure your application process is mobile-friendly is a must.

Be Transparent

Being crystal clear and accurate about your company’s core values is paramount to attracting potential employees and ensuring they’ll be a good fit. According to Recruiting Blogs, John Wilson, the founder and CEO of WilsonHCG employs the philosophy that it’s “better to hire a ‘10’ as a person and a ‘7’ in skill-set than it is to hire a ‘7’ as a person and a ‘10’ in skill-set.”

As he points out, you can always teach new skills, but you usually can’t change someone’s personality.

To Attract Top Talent, Treat Candidates Like Top Talent

This may sound like a no-brainer, but the general tone you set during an interview can have a huge impact on a candidate’s experience. Your top choice isn’t going to accept an offer if your workplace comes across as an intimidating and unfriendly environment. The same consideration and respect that your current employees feel should extend to prospective employees as well.

A warm and friendly interview will not only make your organization seem like a more desirable place to work, but unsuccessful candidates will feel more inclined to speak positively of your company across their various social networks.

Make It Easy

Recent IT innovations such as video recruiting software have drastically improved the candidate experience. LaunchPad Recruits offers a solution which provides a range of touch-points for your candidates – sharing information, allowing candidates to record answers to interview questions from remote locations at their convenience, which your team of hiring professions can then review and share at a later time.

Not only does it eliminate scheduling and travel costs from the equation, but it also affords a more accurate and intimate representation of a potential candidate and help candidates to see the real you.

Embracing new technology also reflects positively on the organization. Top candidates want to work at cutting-edge companies, and as 2015 gets under way, job seekers will be expecting this type of technology at every stage in the application process. So keep your candidates happy and your balance sheet happier – your company will reap the ultimate benefits.

(Main image credit: JD Hancock/flickr)

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.