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How Graduate Programmes Can Keep Your Company in the IT Loop

Clare Mullooly

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Today’s grads are among the most well-rounded, ambitious, and innovative in history. As the race to recruit this generation heats up, internship and graduate onboarding programs can help companies attract top-tier applicants.

Millennials are innovative, dedicated, and effortlessly social. The tech and business innovations spearheaded by today’s young people have played a crucial part in the startup boom. Despite what some news stories might say, these graduates make hardworking, flexible employees who really want to be a part of an interesting company culture.

Today’s grads are innovators, and recruiting them is necessary to help the expansion of the UK’s IT industry. According to a study by Computer Weekly, the traditionally modest growth of this industry is set to outstrip GDP growth, a trend that is projected to continue. In addition to talented employees, IT companies need effective business management in order to navigate the challenges of scaling

Because IT has become so central to business, growing tech companies are revamping their business management strategies. By developing IT projects with strategic objectives in mind, IT firms have been able to more efficiently develop and achieve their business goals.

Now, the search is on to recruit candidates from top business schools who can develop cutting-edge solutions for companies and clients. Luckily for these companies, a study by the Wall Street Journal found that today’s business school graduates are increasingly looking towards the tech industry.

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What Attracts Top Recruits to Tech?

Today, company culture and opportunities for advancement are the largest factors in new graduates’ decisions. Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests that emotional connection is the biggest factor in attracting and retaining top recruits.

Compensation will always be important, but work/life balance, engaging work, and workplace friendship are the most important factors to consider when it comes to attracting new recruits. These recruits want to be an important part of ongoing innovations, so much so that many of them are even willing to accept lower pay when they’re excited about a company’s culture and mission.

As the first generation to grow up with social media, today’s grads crave constant communication and regular feedback. The PricewaterhouseCoopers study showed that 41% of millennials prefer to be recognised or rewarded for their work at least monthly, if not more frequently (compared to only 30% of non-millennials).

It’s also important to retain recruits for a long time because the most effective employees are the ones who have a deep knowledge of company culture. There are millions of people who are looking for work, and not all of them are qualified.

As ERE reports, research has shown that up to 50% of successful job candidates are not good fits for the company that hires them. Beyond recruits that haven’t been properly vetted for skills, this figure also accounts for new hires who don’t understand neither the job beforehand nor the organisational context that they’ll work in.

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Top Grad Programs, Top Recruits

All this means that the best grad programs are the best ways to attract and retain the best recruits. By bringing recent grads or soon-to-be grads into the workforce early, companies are able to give them a feel for their company culture, build excitement about company projects, and ensure that recruits will have the necessary skills if and when they join the team.

Giving grads the opportunity to work on exciting projects as interns builds excitement for the projects that your company is already working on. Excited recruits will help spend the word about new opportunities in their networks and on social media. And developing mentorship programs shows that your company cares about the long term growth of its employees.

By taking these simple steps to make your company inviting to younger job-seekers, you should have no trouble keeping up with the latest trends in tech and business. Your interns’ experience at your company will help them to better understand company culture by giving them the training they need in order to be highly effective recruits.