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Mashable Predicts a Future Changed by Video Interviewing

Clare Hopping

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In recent years, the world of recruitment has steadily embraced advanced video technology, and this trend is certainly here to stay. The question now is: how will this continue to influence hiring in the years to come?

A recent Mashable article authored by Josh Tolan argued for the importance of video interviewing in the modern recruitment process, making a series of predictions about how these methods may further improve the interview process for both candidates and hiring managers.

Introducing Video Into the Entire HR Process

Although articles were being written about the utility of video for branding and recruitment as far back as 2013, such as on Hiring Site, surprisingly, some companies are still lagging behind on this front. With more and more tools available to help every kind of business create high-quality video content, it’s only a matter of time before job boards consist only of video postings, rather than poorly-written paper ones.

Using social media platforms or photo-sharing apps to create a buzz around job announcements is a fantastic way to connect with top candidates and build positive PR. There have already been a few especially noteworthy cases of this strategy’s success in the last few years, and it makes sense that, as the mediums and technology for video sharing proliferate, this trend will only become more and more popular.

Video technology has the power to not only increase the efficiency of job postings and interviews, but also the reference screening process. As the whole recruitment chain leans more and more heavily on video, it only makes sense that future employers will be able to rewatch recommendations sent in by a candidate’s listed references, helping to ease the pressure of time-consuming phone calls.

Embracing New Technologies

Smartwatches are being hailed as the next big technological shift for the modern world, with 9to5Mac reporting that 28.1 million Apple Watches could be shipped this year alone.

According to Mashable, “Video interviewing apps on smartwatches look to become the next generation of interviewing.” While there are still questions over how user-friendly smartwatches will actually be, there’s no reason to believe that they won’t become the next big recruitment tool in the near future.

Expanding on the point of using mobile technologies to leverage the opportunities of video in recruitment processes, applications can also be used to attract a new kind of candidate. With the Wall Street Journal reporting an impressive 100 million monthly active users, photo and video sharing platform Snapchat, provides a unique kind of video recruitment opportunity. In one extreme example, according to TIME, one Dublin pub only accepted applications through Snapchat last year.

Though other businesses are still likely to at least include other methods of application in the future, this might be a trend that companies begin to follow as they strive to better engage with a broader (and younger) spectrum of candidates.

What These Predictions Mean

Flazingo Photos/flickr Flazingo Photos/flickr

Each of these predictions highlights the increased efficiency and positive PR that your recruiting process can bring through the use of video technology. Businesses can be sure they’re hiring the most suitable candidates – in terms of skills and personality – while building brand awareness.

Statistics from Animoto already show that 71% of consumers believe videos leave a positive impression of a company. With impressive numbers like these, businesses have no reason not to look into the wider implementation of video technology.

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Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.