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Awesome Employer Branding Video Reveals Recruitment Best Practices

Clare Hopping

Awesome Employer Branding Video Reveals Recruitment Best Practices


Reckitt Benckiser (RB) UK Reckitt Benckiser (RB) UK

Now that a company’s culture and brand are considered crucial to its success, employer branding has become pivotal for both attracting and retaining employees. RB’s new recruitment video shows us exactly how it’s done, and then some.

As recruitment processes continue to get more sophisticated, employer branding has become a buzzword for any company looking to recruit top-tier applicants.

Companies must consciously build their employer brand if they hope to recruit successfully: 56% of respondents in a LinkedIn survey stated that the #1 draw to any company is its reputation as a “great place to work,” otherwise known as its talent brand.

Talented candidates want to know that the company they work for not only offers professional growth and development, but also a strong and specific culture like the ones offered by Google and Facebook.

CTA_FOR_DATA_DOSSIER_-_TECH_FOR_EMPLOYER_BRANDBut what becomes of smaller brands, more controversial companies, or less trendy products? How do companies that may not have the front-facing marketability of a brand like Google use employer branding to make their work exciting and interesting to new candidates? RB, a UK-based pharmaceutical company, has your answer.

RB’s new recruitment video is as innovative as it is fun, opening with a brand spokesman who walks the viewer through some of the company’s day-to-day processes, ending with an exhilarating call to action (skydiving, anyone?). He is charming, well-spoken and--most importantly--excited to take the candidate through the company culture of RB.

This is what makes the video so great: the speaker’s tone, appearance, and manner of speaking is playful, communicating a company culture that is probably not the candidate’s first expectation of a pharmaceutical company.

In this way, the video is able to put a face on a brand that doesn’t always have an immediate pull and get the candidate excited about the possibility of working for RB.

With the recent finding that 74% of job seekers use companies’ career websites as their most important source of information online, according to Potential Park, a video like this may be the first (and perhaps only) impression that a company makes on its applicants, so it’s best to go the route RB took and make it a good one.

The rebranding of RB points to a growing trend in recruitment: companies nowadays are just as responsible for having an appealing work culture as job candidates are for having valuable skills and experience. Applicants want to know that the company that they work for will reflect not just their skill set, but their values as well.

With this format, RB’s recruitment team has made the process enjoyable for the applicant, which has only enhanced the company’s overall brand. They’ve also empowered their recruits by foregoing the traditional titles of “applicant” or “candidate” on their careers site in favour of the more social-media friendly “#gamechanger.”

Thanks to this rewording, their campaign is able to achieve several goals. By seeking out applicants that understand and endorse company culture before becoming employees, the company is able to build its brand substantially while adding compatible people to their workforce.

The creativity and innovation in this campaign sets a precedent for the creativity and innovation that is expected at RB, a pharmaceutical company built on invention. In this way, RB has established a set of business practices that any growing company would do well to observe.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.