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Employer Branding Is the First Step in Tackling Diversity Issues

Clare Hopping

Employer Branding Is the First Step in Tackling Diversity Issues


 Mark Zuckerberg is working to make every Facebook employee and applicant feel like part of the familyDiversity in the workplace has gone from buzzword to best practice, and Facebook is leading the movement to diversify the technology sector with an innovative approach.

This November, Mark Zuckerberg decided to take on Facebook’s recruitment efforts as a personal mission of sorts. After visiting Harvard and MIT last week, according to City Town Info, the elusive CEO continues his campaign this week at Carnegie Mellon University.

Facebook’s Initiatives Take Center Stage

In discussions with students, Zuckerberg has spoken to them about employment opportunities and diversity initiatives at Facebook. His tour comes on the heels of a concerted push at Facebook to expand and diversify the workforce, after its 2014 diversity report, 'Building a More Diverse Facebook' showed that women make up a mere 31% of Facebook employees, and that people of colour are also underrepresented in its ranks.

Facebook’s Head of Global Diversity, Maxine Williams, has also stated a clear commitment to increasing applicant diversity by providing opportunities for a heterogeneous pool.

Through initiatives like the WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech) Mentoring Programme and Hour of Code, Facebook has committed itself to partnerships that increase opportunities for women and people of colour to learn code, pursue careers in tech, and remain employed within the field.

Facebook has even built diversity into its code, using its notorious targeted ad algorithm to send Facebook ads about coding and computer science to female college students.

Maintaining the Global Brand

Facebook isn’t hopping on a diversity “fad”: this focus on diverse recruitment speaks to company’s dedication to remaining a global brand. From a consumer standpoint, 87% of Facebook’s users exist outside of North America.

And, from a performance perspective, research conducted at Stanford University has shown teams comprised of individuals with a diversity of experience and backgrounds to be often far more creative and adept at problem solving.

Of course, this effort also speaks volumes about Facebook’s existing employer brand, which is crucial to recruiting and keeping employees on board.

With Zuckerberg is personally working to bring on employees and recruit applicants, Facebook becomes a far more relatable company, creating the impression that its CEO is just as invested in recruitment as the HR staff. This in turn cultivates Facebook’s image of a global company that maintains a true sense of seamless internal integration.

Moreover, Zuckerberg’s efforts help new recruits believe that they are just as valuable to the company as all other employees. The CEO’s personal call for diversity demonstrates that the issue is a top-down priority. Applicants who have been thus far excluded from the tech industry are now being encouraged to “buy in” to the Facebook brand. That’s progress.

Diversifying Your Recruitment Process

If you’re looking to diversify your workforce, or simply expand your recruitment process, LaunchPad Recruits’ video interviewing software will help you integrate best practices into your organisation. The platform lets you customise both interview questions and the application process to reflect a commitment to diversity.

Additionally, our video interview software lets candidates from around the world apply and interview at anytime, from anywhere. Facebook has shown that diversity should be at the forefront of every recruitment process.

Implementing diversity initiatives and a variety of recruitment tactics will improve the diversity of your company, and a push for gender and racial equity in the ranks can benefit a company far beyond its brand.


Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.