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The Benefits of Automated Employer Branding

Clare Hopping

The Benefits of Automated Employer Branding


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We’ve all heard plenty about employer branding at this point, but what makes it so important, and why is consistency so key to building an effective employer brand?

Silicon Valley is known, among other things, for its workplace luxuries and its attention to employees’ needs and wants, as Business Insider observes. Movies like The Internship and TV shows like Silicon Valley laughingly portray the culture with wit while older generations huff and puff, complaining that this is no way to do work.

But for better or worse, work has become more than just a job for most people. Employers now have to find a way to satisfy the social needs of their employees, and most companies now try to foster a sense of community.

Firms like Accenture encourage their employees to pursue social activities with their team members, rewarding them through a system of internal points. But of course, the last thing a firm wants is to appear disingenuous about their motives or behave in a way that their employees find too pushy. Clearly, finding a middle ground can be tricky.

Creating the Right Environment

This takes us to employer branding. The question of how you motivate staff within the workplace is as important as how you motivate applicants and prospective candidates, according to an Interdiciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business study. How do you encourage a sense of loyalty once people are a part of your company?

Employer branding is an idea that’s gaining a lot of buzz as a potential answer to this question, as a UTM study reports. While the term might suggest that it’s a one-direction, top-down interaction between the business and its workers, employer branding actually requires open channels of communication between tiers of management within the company.

These allow workers to communicate their views on the average person’s perception of their brand, as well as their own satisfaction with it.

As reported in a recent Forbes article, a new software platform called Brand Amper promises to help companies facilitate this interaction through social media channels such as LinkedIn. Unlike websites like Glassdoor, these recent developments in the software space aim to create direct lines of communication, rather than just a space for anonymous complaints about the company for outsiders to read.

Tech to the Rescue

So how much of your attention and resources should you put into developing a strong employer brand? Would something like automated employer branding systems help? The answer to both of these questions might be simpler than you expect.

Recruiterbox tells us that interactions between candidates and employers through automated messages left 60% of candidates feeling tied to the company in question.

Perhaps even more strikingly, the site reveals that almost 70% of candidates said they would accept a lower salary if the employer brand was exceptional or if the brand had gained positive reviews, while a solid 40% of people felt company culture was the most important factor in talent acquisition.

Consistency Is Key

Some might guess that a less automated approach would help most companies, as personalised interaction from the start can create a stronger bond. But of course, this misses the obvious conclusions we can draw from some of the statistics mentioned above.

What the automated employer branding system allows is the creation of a consistent image and a reliable approach throughout the interview process and lasting well into one’s stay at a company, according to Brand Channel. Consistency is a point repeatedly highlighted in studies on employer branding, as Office Angel reports – though it goes unnoticed by many companies, it’s a huge priority for most candidates.

By utilising an automated service rather than relying on the changing moods of their recruiters, companies can strengthen their brand image and install a highly positive internal culture, all while providing applicants with the flexibility in scheduling that turns them on to a company’s brand.

For the same reasons, LaunchPad Recruits’ video interview software pairs up effectively with this technology, giving candidates consistent interview experiences coupled with a personal touch. By implementing and integrating these technologies into their existing systems, employers promise to make the process a happier one for candidates and employees alike.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.