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How Can an Employer Branding Agency Revamp Your Recruiting?

Clare Hopping

How Can an Employer Branding Agency Revamp Your Recruiting?


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A well-established employer brand is essential to remaining competitive in the recruitment market, and hiring a specialised agency can help you build up your brand, engage talented recruits, and retain quality employees.

According to Recruiter, the business process outsourcing company Capita recently acquired Thirty Three, a marketing and employee branding agency. This move is just one example of the growing trend of companies turning to external branding agencies – either by hiring or acquiring them – to boost their reputation and appeal to potential employees.

And it’s not just companies like Capita that are outsourcing their branding efforts. If you look at Thirty Three's client list, you’ll get an idea of how many well-known companies are utilising employer branding to improve from within while attracting better talent.

But we still have to ask: what exactly are the advantages of outsourcing employer branding? Why not just do it yourself?

Improving Your Reputation

Employer branding agencies employ specialised, experienced staff members who work to fine-tune a company’s brand and present it to current and future employees. Usually, these agencies help companies develop a brand-specific language, and work to establish a mission and value set for the brand that are both simple and steadfast.

In the recruiting business, the bottom line is pretty simple: employees want to work for a company that’s well-established in their market, and one that they know they’ll feel good about working for. Employer branding constructs and refines a company’s image so that it can gain the esteem and stature it needs to hire and retain the best employees.

Simply put, employer branding is worth it – though it’s pretty self-evident, a better brand brings in higher-quality candidates, who turn into more productive employees, who deliver a better profit margin.

Whether they’re maximizing your social media presence or implementing video recruiting campaigns, employer branding agencies will guide companies through the process of tightening up their public appearance.

The statistics speak for themselves: a survey from Glassdoor reported that 69% of participants wouldn’t take a job at a company with a bad reputation or an unimpressive employer brand, even if they were unemployed.

The same study reported that 90% of them would leave their jobs if offered a position at an organisation with a far better employer brand. With the promise of that sort of interest, every company must reflect on whether their own brand and employer value proposition is up to snuff.

Fresh and Creative

According to Fast Company, though, good branding is equal parts art and science. The happiness and perceptions of current employees have as much to do with a company’s branding success as potential salaries or vacation packages.

So even if you think everyone loves working for you, consider the fact that branding agencies offer a fresh, outside perspective on your company’s culture.

It’s also no longer just the monetary appeal of a position that comes into play when potential recruits are seeking jobs, as a company must be able to gain rank and visibility in the vast sea of competition. To this end, branding agencies help companies effectively utilise social media channels to contact potential candidates.

By streamlining their recruiting efforts across a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, companies can drive interest online and increase the pool of qualified applicants.

In sum, branding agencies develop the “recipes” for success within specific industries and act as chemists, producing the correct concoction to highlight a company’s finest ingredients.

Doesn’t that sound like the ideal mix for your company’s future?

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.