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Do Unto Others: The Real Impact of Candidate Experience

Kirstie Kelly

Candidate experience matters. A Webrecruit survey found that 75% of jobseekers would share a negative hiring experience. CareerBuilder found that at least 17% would post something on social media. A potential employee's candidate experience will not only determine if talented people will work for you, but will also influence your potential customers.

With that in mind, these steps are not only important hiring tips but are also essential PR strategies.

1. Respond To Every Applicant:

Applying for a job takes courage. Many job applicants put a lot of effort into crafting the perfect CV and giving the best answers to your questions. In return they want an acknowledgement. If you don’t thank them you’ll find that those hard workers no longer want to work for you.

In addition, CareerBuilder found nearly a third of candidates would be less likely to buy a product from a company that did not respond to their application. Even if you only have time to set up an automated response, it will set you above your competitors.

2. Have A Decision Deadline And Stick To It:

How quickly applicants receive a decision is critical. Manage expectations in your initial response and stick to the timeframe you give.

Webrecruit found that 83% of job seekers wanted to hear in less than 5 days if they had been shortlisted or rejected. This is an area where video interviewing can help. Video interviewing allows for more efficient selection. Collaborative decision-making is made easier and candidates can know the outcome sooner not later.

The recruitment process is where candidates find out what a company really stands for. Outstanding candidates will turn down a job with a company that is not outstanding in return. By giving a little more, you can gain a big advantage over your competitors and really stand out as a top-class employer.

What impression are you making at the moment?

Kirstie Kelly

Kirstie is our resident expert in the field of recruitment and technology, having 23 years total experience in commercial business across a range of business sectors. As a result, she has been instrumental in ensuring the innovative technology provided at LaunchPad is relevant for our customers. Kirstie's passion is all about finding creative solutions to recruitment challenges. And no better way than with technology!