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LaunchPad’s Video Service Used in Diana Award Presentation

Clare Hopping


We spoke to Daniel Gothard, the Project Officer for the Diana Award Programme, about how the organisation uses LaunchPad’s video interviewing service in a new and refreshing way.

Established in memory of Princess Diana, the Diana Award is a charity that aims to encourage, empower, and engage young people across the UK to make a positive difference in their communities.

There are four core programs, one of them being the Diana Award itself.

Any young person between the ages of nine and eighteen who is working to improve the lives of others in their school or community can be nominated for the award in one the following five categories: Diana Active Campaigner, Diana Anti-Bullying Champion, Diana Champion Fundraiser, Diana Champion Volunteer, Diana Courageous Citizen--or for the prestigious International Diana Award.

Videos Used to Present Young People

As the Project Officer for the Award Programme, Daniel Gothard and his team handle the processing of nominations and the coordination of Diana Award Ceremonies celebrating young people across the U.K. For the last year and a half, he has been using LaunchPad’s video service in a slightly different way than to screen and interview prospective employees.

Daniel says that his team has been using LaunchPad’s video service to capture information about the activities these young people have been involved in and what it means to them to received their respective Diana Awards.

Ahead of the Diana Award Ceremonies, Daniel invites 100 of the recipients to record a video using LaunchPad’s service. Daniel explains, “Rather than it being an interview, it’s actually like a fun case study video for young people to use and to actually tell us in person what they received the reward for.”

An Easy and Fun Way to Communicate

The young people reacted positively to the idea of creating their own videos. “Basically, everyone’s just been so enthusiastic about being able to use the facility,” Daniel explained.

Still, as expected with an internet-based medium, parents expressed concerns with how the organisers planned to use their children’s information. Daniel believes LaunchPad’s service helped them effectively communicate and respond to these concerns.

Daniel also says the advantage of using LaunchPad’s video interviewing service over talking to the young people face-to-face is that it “puts the power back in their hands.” The easy-to-use platform allows them to express themselves with a fun video. It is also a practical solution, he says, since the young people involved in the initiative are from all over the UK.

LaunchPad’s service also allows them to send invites to International Diana Award Holders, meaning that the award organisers can gather and showcase the stories of young people from all over the world.

Daniel says that the process has generally worked out as expected, with the young people producing high-quality videos.

He and his team tweaked the default guideline videos provided by LaunchPad in order to make the videos more appropriate for young people, and they quickly responded to all queries by referring applicants to the guideline videos or directing them to specific pointers spelled out by the organisers themselves.

Future Plans to Include 20,000 Users

Daniel goes on to speak about continuing his use of LaunchPad’s video facility. He says he wants to eventually increase the number of invitations sent out to about 1,000 each term, since that’s how many awards the organisation gives out.

By sending out an invitation to every recipient to create a video about his or her own community work, Daniel hopes that his efforts lead to as many as five hundred videos at the conclusion of this pilot program.

Over time, the website will have a page featuring the stories of all the award recipients, past and present. There are about 20,000 previous recipients they intend to contact and, hopefully, feature on the website.

Daniel says he’d like to think of other ways to make the videos more interesting and different than a straightforward Q&A format. With many more invitations to send out in the future, the team will likely give recipients more freedom to talk about what they want in order to create some variation between the many thousands of videos.

The Diana Award’s use of LaunchPad’s service is a refreshing way of utilising this exciting platform. By slightly adjusting LaunchPad Recruits’ video guidelines, the Diana Award charity has encouraged young people from across the UK and the world to showcase their efforts in the community and inspire countless others.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.