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Got a Careers Page? Put Your Employer Brand First

Clare Hopping

Got a Careers Page? Put Your Employer Brand First

JobsYour company’s careers page can make or break a candidate’s impression of your organisation. Are you doing enough to sell yourself as the best employer out there?



A careers page should be the heart and soul of the employer brand, helping promote your company as one to work for. As Eda Gultekin writes on LinkedIn, a positive employer brand will attract a wider selection of (specifically passive) candidates meaning you have a more suitable selection to choose from and most importantly to those watching the revenue figures without thinking about the wider picture, it will save your company money.

The careers page is often the first direct touch for candidates seeking more information about your company and as such, it should be the primary place on the web that fuses a company’s identity with a specific focus on recruitment. That means it has to convey everything you do as effectively and attractively as possible if you want to reel in new talent and keep it engaged.

What Is an Employer Brand?

The CIPD has some thoughts on what an “Employer Brand” should mean to you and your potential recruits. In every sense, it uses the same marketing principles to sell employment as you would to promote a retail brand – the idea is to give the customer insight into what to expect, even before they’ve stepped through the door.

For reference, let’s take a look at a traditional, consumer-facing example. If a particular sweet is made by the Cadbury brand, you already know what it tastes like before you even try it. The same goes for employer brands – the best ones provide a window into company culture, enticing candidates to join before they’ve even had an interview.


According to Jobs.ac.uk, an effective employer brand will:

  1. Attract future talent
  2. Save money through a higher quality of hires
  3. Improve employee retention
  4. Highlight your company among competitors

So Where Do “Careers Pages” Fit in?


Careers pages are a crucial asset for a number of reasons. For one, they provide the opportunity for your HR department to curate the hiree experience and showcase what the business has to offer.

More than anything, it’s the first place candidates will land when seeking out employment opportunities, so creating a warm and lasting impression is a must. The people that visit your careers page may become customers in future and giving them a positive experience is vital. It should also be the end point for all other online recruitment traffic – every job posting, recruitment site, and relevant advertisement should link to the careers page.

The page’s most important function is to process job applications, so it’s critical for it to be streamlined as possible. A clunky, old, and drawn-out process will put off candidates even before they’ve finished uploading their CV. Conversely, a pared down and simple-to-navigate experience speaks volumes about the kind of company you run.

What Should a Good Careers Page Do?

A foam finger with vacancies written on it.

It’s also more than critical to highlight the culture of your firm to attract people to work for you. With so many companies battling for candidates’ attention, you want to attract the right candidates who have the same ethics and mindset as your company.

Workers who are inspired by the company culture are more likely to stay motivated and perform to the best of their abilities according to Chron. This will in turn, heighten employee retention, boost the reputation of the company and increase productivity.

You can promote the positive culture of the organisation in a number of ways: a written profile of a staff member, a short video about this year’s nominated charity and their fundraising efforts, or a statement of your values, goals, and pastimes.

The key thing to communicate here is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). In other words, what makes working at your company so great? What can you offer that can’t be found elsewhere? Once you’ve answered these questions, you have the basis for your employer brand – the careers page is the platform on which you can broadcast it.

And don’t expect candidates to believe everything they read, so utilise third-party endorsements to prove your point. Glassdoor offers a service that embeds real feedback from employees, and they’re worth giving a try – glowing reviews can be posted directly to your site, as you can see on the website for the London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. If you have a great company, be as transparent about it as possible.

To truly get the most out of its online presence, your HR department needs to define your company’s brand, and make sure the careers page oozes with that unique identity. And when a company wants to communicate that brand directly to a potential hire, they should make use of video recruiting software, such as the one offered by LaunchPad Recruits. A video platform allows a company to curate their brand and standardize that tone across all phases of recruitment.

The more a company distills the qualities that make them unique – and communicates that message effectively – the more talented recruits you’ll find waiting on your proverbial doorstep.

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Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.