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Bright Network Festival for Graduates 2015

Kristina Donauskyte

This unique graduate careers fair brings together over 60 remarkable organisations and the brightest students for a day of skills and networking.

LaunchPad will bring along a video booth and provide everyone with an opportunity to get a first-hand experience of doing a recorded video interview and give some tips on how to successfully complete a video interview.

For graduates, Bright Network Festival is a great opportunity to meet leading companies in Finance and Banking, Charity and Public Sector, Consulting, Consumer and Retail, Marketing, Media, Law and Entrepreneurship sectors.

Meet such companies like Accenture, Bain&Company, BNP Paribas, AON, Bay Media and more...

For employers, it's an exclusive chance to meet some of the brightest, talented and engaged graduates.

Find out more about the agenda here.


Kristina Donauskyte

Digital Strategist at LaunchPad. We believe in seeing more of a person, of a company of an impact by building influential video screening, assessment and engagement technology that fits within the employment lifecycle