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Brand Video on the Rise: How to Integrate it Into Your Recruiting Strategy

Clare Hopping

Brand Video on the Rise: How to Integrate it Into Your Recruiting Strategy


Barnaby Cook casualfilms.com

Video recruitment may well be a buzz phrase for 2014, but there’s a lot more companies can be doing to ensure their business is presented in an innovative and an immersive way

When considering how to integrate video into your company’s marketing and HR strategy to bring an immersive experience to clients and customers, you may have overlooked the role it plays in recruitment.

Casual Films has been working in the recruitment and attraction industry for a little over six years and the company has learnt that video is a fantastic way to win peoples’ hearts and minds, to engage with them emotionally and to give an insight into what they can expect in a role at an organisation.

“Being able to give people a realistic look at what they can expect, companies can increase employee retention and engagement ultimately attract a better quality of candidate,” Barnaby Cook, managing director at Casual Films says.

How Brand Video Fits in With Recruiting

Casual Films’ work dovetails excellently with LaunchPad's video interviewing technology and employers who have used Launchpad often find it tremendously useful to kick off the video interview process with an employer brand video or a message from their CEO or head of recruitment.

Video is on the rise when it comes to integrating brand videos into corporate communications, with many marketing and recruitment executives viewing the platform as essential to promote their company.

The Increasing Demand for High-quality Video Production

In a recent survey of 100 video commissioners, Casual Films reported that 74 percent of respondents say that their need for video would stay the same or increase over the year.

“Big brands are recognising the power of video, and the clever ones are curating the different types of video content that they put out across different channels to ensure consistency - be it recruitment or internal communications or their marketing and advertising,” said Cook.

“Smart organisations are looking to build up an archive of footage that can be repurposed and reused in the future and we're seeing interesting developments in the measurement of effectiveness,” he continued.

Cook has recently written an article for Recruiter.com about the 'tripod' of Recruitment Video Effectiveness. He explores themes including the quality of message, reach and impact and the action recruiters must follow to be effective when using the medium to recruit employees.

In the article, he explains how video has "an ability to engage an audience and bring an employer’s brand and culture to life that is unmatched by text and still images."

Three Top Tips for Video Interviewing Success

However, video isn't just an essential tool for recruiters - it's also important for a candidate to realise how video gives one a much better opportunity to show oneself off to potential employers.

Cook says there are a number of ways a candidate can ensure they are presented well on a film and many of these principles can be applied to general video making too.

He says you should, “be yourself - video gives you the opportunity to show off your personality, so relax into it and be upbeat.”

Cook explains it’s important not to be intimidated by the technology – just think of it as a Skype conversation with friends and family.

Finally, Cook says the key to success is to listen to the question in a video interviewing scenario and make sure you answer it. Although this last point sounds simple, it's amazing how many people get this wrong and answer a completely different question or go off on a tangent.

Bringing the Whole Recruitment Process Together

Casual Films, LaunchPad Recruits and 27partners are all working together to bring the recruitment process alive.

In a recent event hosted by the three companies, this process and ‘candidate journey’ was showcased to recruitment executives, themed around Wimbledon’s tennis tournament.

Cook said, “While Casual Partners take on recruitment and attraction video communications, Launchpad’s selection process and 27partners’ onboarding portal provide a very compelling offering for companies which covers the process of finding people right the way through to embedding them in an organisation.”

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.