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Going up a size: How to Get Your Brand to Go Global

Natasha Bernal

From our experience, LaunchPad Recruits understands that each business has its own challenges to overcome.

A frequent obstacle that many brands face is when success leads them to the international scene and they don't yet have the resources or support to make their companies work around the world.

So, what should UK companies do to succeed internationally?

We believe a business should always have:

  • A clear recruitment strategy;
  • A strong brand;
  • The ability to retain the identity of the company regardless of where it is located.

At a recent Retail Bulletin event, Phillip Burgess, Head of Talent at Marks & Spencer, said that a strong recruitment strategy is crucial to make the business work abroad. Here are the key points that he expressed:

Create a Clear Strategy

The company used this (quite useful) checklist with their 500 managers worldwide:
1-Rigour and pragmatism.
2-Employee development.
3-The ability to anticipate problems and respond to them early on.
4-To be able to generate new ideas to develop for the company.
5-We looked at performance, potential and sponsorship.
6-The level of commitment to the brand."Our retention is quite high compared to our competitors and our brand is quite well known," he said. He explained that that lack of knowledge of the brand overseas was something that held them back, thus demonstrating that a strong recruitment strategy across the board makes the company succeed globally.

Retain Your Brand Identity Worldwide

Your company may be very well known at home, but no one will know you outside of your current market. Being able to have a globally consistent employer brand and message to candidates is essential to attract talent. In the case of M&S, the company put together some information that would help candidates overseas to understand what it would be like to work with them. In India, they even created an employee booklet to give potential candidates more information about what the brand stands for and the company values.

Although potential employees from other countries may not have grown up with the brand as customers, it doesn't mean they have to start working for the brand without understanding the brand identity.

We believe that following these points will help companies along the way to getting their brand to go global. We look forward to exploring the industry's challenges further throughout 2014 with expert insights from analysts and recruitment advisors to share further insights on trends, predictions and analysis on our official blog and through special events next year.

Creative Commons Image by Saad Faruque

Natasha Bernal

Natasha is a journalist with an extensive technology and startup news background. She brings LaunchPad to life through words in our blog, press releases and updates. As the person that shapes our brand personality, she makes our goals and ideas reality in the online world.