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Turn Around your Business: How to Become One of the Most Attractive Employers in the World

Clare Hopping

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Keeping up with the “most attractive” companies around can be tough, especially if your business is on the small side. Many companies are finding that they have to tweak strategies in order to keep up.

As 2014 closes and 2015 opens, we look back on the year in business – specifically, which companies were the most sought-after by the general public last year. LinkedIn recently conducted a study that ranked businesses based on data from over 35 billion interactions between companies and site users, as covered by Social Talent.

The categories on which the study focused were based on user awareness of a company (i.e. how many people have viewed employees’ profiles within the past year) as well as a company’s general engagement on LinkedIn (how many members followed a company page).

The problem with this study, as one might expect, is that it skews heavily in favour of large, well-established businesses like Google and Apple (the top two finishers in the poll). How can your business improve its general cachet even if it isn’t a Fortune 500 company? By staying loose, of course.

Taking Note of Past Winners

Despite a top ten dominated by familiar faces, the LinkedIn study also deemed 2014 to be the year of the “little guy.” Small companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Uber all rose in the ranks, and over 15% of in-demand companies have less than 5,000 employees. One thing these companies share is their status as tech “disruptors” that broke previously established trends.

Even if your business has nothing to do with the tech industry, it could still benefit from examining these companies’ accomplishments. What they also have in common is brand recognition, which centres around a well-designed marketing scheme and presentation of assets.

To be frank, many of the most in-demand companies of the year were successful because of a brand effectively established over time, rather than due to any recent ingenious accomplishments. They are consistent, but perhaps not sexy. Harnessing your businesses’ fresh perspective and image is essential to achieving success in the New Year. Becoming distinguishable is more than desirable – it’s imperative.

Culture of Self-Awareness

Despite the disadvantage many businesses face in the shadow of more iconic brands, much of their ability to stay attractive to the greater world is in their own hands, according to Monster.

Companies need to stay fresh while also remaining true to themselves, keeping both their strengths and weaknesses in mind as they move forward. This level of authenticity will ensure a greater yield from assets while also establishing a comforting consistency that all the most recognisable companies have.

This awareness of a business’s good and bad qualities will help companies focus on results in a flexible manner that their sure-to-be-innovative employees will appreciate. Flexibility means friendliness, and these two characteristics more than any other will encourage brand loyalty from within, as employees proudly become focal points within the company’s identity.

By investing in employees, companies will access much more creative results on a day-to-day basis, establishing a sense of familiar innovation. The balance between comforting sameness and cutting-edge newness is essential for any company hoping to get noticed.

A Good Image

With this general focus on your business’ internal workings, you have actually already started to look outwards. By harvesting a positive working community, your company will likely begin to attract accomplished applicants.

Another way of gaining accomplished employees is using the latest, most sophisticated hiring technology, like the video interviewing software from LaunchPad Recruits. Many of these potential employees will be young and technologically adept. If you have succeeded in building a company that your employees can get excited about, then encourage them to say so on social media, according to Universum.

This word-of-mouth strategy will foster a grassroots sentiment, if you will, making your brand a “hometown favourite” while also sending its exposure skyrocketing. In fostering a culture of happy employees you will progressively attract more accomplished employees, creating the best kind of snowball effect. In getting hot for 2015, your business need look no further than within.

Clare Hopping

Clare Hopping has been involved in the recruitment of both full-time employees and freelance staff for ten years. She specialises in recruiting staff via social media and digital platforms.