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A Month in Marketing at LaunchPad

Florence Koch

Bridge2.jpgAs a recent graduate, the prospect of securing a meaningful job was daunting. My plan was always to travel internationally after uni (I’m fortunate enough to have an Australian passport), but I wanted to use the months prior to my departure effectively by gaining some useful marketing experience at a well-established company.

First Day Jitters

Although I was nervous on my first day on the job, the office was anything but intimidating. Spirits were high, smiles were planted across everyone's faces, and I was met with firm handshakes and genuine welcome wishes. Upon being introduced to the London team, I instantly felt included as a member of the LaunchPad family.

Working in the Marketing Department, I was immediately thrown into exciting projects and was encouraged to channel my creative side. In addition to my regular responsibilities, I became involved in an ongoing project to transform the office into a more enjoyable and inspiring place to work. Taking the task to heart, I designed a new ‘frame wall’ filled with team photos and artwork hand-picked by my colleagues.

The result was an eclectic and collaborative collage, reflecting the team's diverse interests outside of work, which has encouraged us to get to know one another on a more personal level. It now feels like home when you walk in every morning, and it’s amazing to see something so seemingly small have such a positive impact on morale.

An Honest, Collaborative Spirit

My most eye-opening moment was during the first monthly team meeting I attended. Each of the teams reported on their progress during the past month and their plans for the next. I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so honest about their ups and downs, and that transparency was extremely refreshing. I left with a smile on my face; even though I was only on a short-term contract, I felt empowered to help make a difference during my time at LaunchPad.

The collaborative ethos, strong ethics and forward-thinking employees are all part of an exciting day's work at LaunchPad. I’m sad my time here is over, but I look forward to seeing the company grow and hope that I left a positive mark, however small.

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Florence Koch

Florence is a recent graduate of the University of Manchester having studied fashion marketing.