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A Day in the Life of a Customer Success Executive

Arlene Kennedy

Ireland.jpgFor many people, starting a new job is a daunting experience. For me, the opportunity to join the London-based company Launchpad in their rapidly expanding Derry, Northern Ireland office was above all an exciting prospect.

As a driven and ambitious person with my future in mind, I moved away from Derry in order to advance my career prospects. However, if the right opportunity presented itself, I had always hoped to make the move back home. This role with Launchpad offered the career opportunities I sought, whilst enabling me to move home and surround myself with the support of family and friends.

A Beautiful Beginning

My first week consisted of training in the London office and an opportunity to meet the entire team. Walking into the office that Monday morning, it instantly became apparent how welcoming and friendly my new work colleagues were. Launchpad aims to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that fosters a genuine desire among employees to come to work each day, and I could certainly see the enthusiasm, work ethic and team spirit in the office around me.

I had lots to learn, but with a well thought out onboarding plan and easy access to everyone on the team, I was equipped with everything I needed to learn the ropes and get swinging. Returning to Derry, I received a well-documented plan to facilitate my ongoing training.

The Future is Bright

Working from home initially, my colleagues ensured me that I had everything I needed to work effectively and comfortably from a remote location. I was delighted and reassured by our daily morning video meetings with the team, which continued to cultivate a welcoming and open environment and enabled me to build strong relationships with my teammates. Any initial reservations I had about working remotely from my team soon faded as my relationships with my colleagues continued to grow.

Moving forward, I am excited at the prospect of being part of a growing base here in Derry. With offices in a city centre location and multiple roles required, I look forward to working with a diverse and evolving team. It is clear that there will be plenty of ongoing opportunities to develop my skills and capabilities, and I am delighted to take that journey with Launchpad.

(Image credit: Wynand van Poortvliet/Unsplash)

Arlene Kennedy

Arlene Kennedy is a Customer Success Executive at LaunchPad Recruits