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Your challenges may be great, LaunchPad can help

Increasingly HR and business leaders are under pressure to deliver more than just great hires. Diversity and inclusion, people process improvement, internal mobility and delivering on business strategy are just some of the added pressures to managers and teams. At LaunchPad, we have years of experience in helping organisations address these issues and implement processes that improve performance and make your company a great place to work.


A Strategic Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

The measurable return on diversity and inclusion in the workplace has made it a certifiable business best practice. By crafting a clear and actionable framework at the outset, it’s possible to initiate real change and make a substantial impact on your organisation’s culture and revenue stream.


Addressing Bias in the Recruitment Process

Everyone is affected by personal biases, whether we’re aware of it or not. Unfortunately, these biases often undermine our ability to build diverse and inclusive teams, which hampers innovation and long-term success. So how do we keep our hardwired personal preferences from influencing crucial decision-making?


Building an Employer Value Proposition

Today’s top recruits want to work at companies that are just as forward-thinking and innovative as they are. Learn how to turn your company’s intangibles into a high-impact talent acquisition strategy.


The Attraction power of Candidate Marketing

In recent years, the candidate experience has become a key selling point for recruiters looking to attract and secure top talent. Learn how to make your application process more enjoyable, intuitive and relevant for every one of your ideal hires.


Secure Top Graduate Talent

The graduate recruitment market has never been more saturated, yet many recruiters still struggle to effectively accommodate such a high volume of applicants. Innovative recruitment technologies can help you both identify right-fit hires faster and position your organisation as a tech-savvy, innovative workplace.


How to Build a Video-led Recruitment Strategy

With the HR landscape more competitive than ever before, companies must adopt forward-thinking solutions if they wish to attract top candidates and make objective hiring decisions. Here are four reasons why video recruiting technology should be a top priority for any organisation.

At LaunchPad, our primary objective is to help companies make better, fairer decisions about people. Whether you want to speed up your recruitment process and find more right-fit hires, bolster diversity and inclusivity within your organisation, make data-driven internal mobility decisions, or all of the above, LaunchPad has the solutions to help you achieve your goals.