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How we enhance your
employment lifecycle


Video led landing page as the starting point for your candidate journey - more than simply a career site.

Brand customisation

Candidates who see you as the perfect fit are going to make the biggest positive impact on your business.



Early stage screening questions with auto reject functionality.

Designed to fit you

Our software has a wide array of customisable features that are designed to fit your needs.


Robert Hohman—CEO of Glassdoor told us that 51% of job seekers have buyers remorse and 83% of those individuals leave their employer in the first year.



Recorded video interviewing with video led questions. And LIVE interviewing for two way interaction.


Define your own review criteria, scale and weighting across each questions or the whole interview.



Rate, score, share and evaluate.

Share your candidate applications

Hiring decisions are often made by several people within the business—all with opinions and expectations of their own.


A single bad hire can cost a company up to £33,000 which includes costs for recruitment, training, productivity and negative impact on employee morale.


Offer / Reject

Customise the next stage to move candidates into offer stage or exit via careers site or branded landing pages.

Bespoke brand customisation

Pre and post role videos to set the scene and give candidates a clearer idea of what it's like to be a part of your business.



Use our Screening Tool or Recorded Assessment technology

When time is of the essence

Keep communication alive with timed interaction, through pre-hire question survey, recorded video response, or schedule a live two way interaction through video.


Our features allow you to easily ensure the right people in your business are seeing relevant candidates and can express their opinion in a way that allows you to compare.



Use screening, recorded or LIVE to engage with learners, prepare for training or capture continuing professional development outcomes.

Fair access for all

Create a consistent and on brand experience for all learners throughout the process.



Use Recorded or Live interviewing to identify talent capability for internal mobilisation.

Encourage stakeholder involvement

Share interviews internally securely to get approval and opinions.


Engaged employees are 10% more likely to exceed performance expectations.


Succession Plan

Use Recorded or live to validate improving skills and capability.

Identify leadership capability

Use lists to group candidates for peer review analyse the review process results.



Use Screening, Recorded or Live to engage with leavers at the right time for them.

On-point, on brand and on time.

Make sure employees see beyond the logo with truly personal messaging that speaks from the heart of the business.


Top performers are 3x more productive than the average employee between 40% and 67%.”