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Building an Employer Value Proposition

Attract standout talent by setting yourself apart

The goal of any hiring push is to acquire enthusiastic new employees who are invested in the long-term success of the business. But engaged recruits don’t just appear out of thin air  they’re products of a successful recruitment strategy, at the heart of which lies a solid employer value proposition (EVP). This is the unique brand and culture of an organisation, which ultimately serves as a key selling point to set itself apart from its competitors and attract top talent. 

The most crucial components of a company’s brand are the intangibles – things like corporate values, management style, work environment, etc. Today, 91% of candidates consider company culture to be a key factor when deciding whether or not to accept an offer. To find and retain the best candidates, companies must build a solid EVP and find ways to effectively broadcast it throughout the entire employee lifecycle. 

Projecting a Unified Brand

When companies establish a strong brand identity and broadcast it effectively, right-fit candidates immediately begin developing an emotional connection to the company. This is important, as approximately eight out of ten recruits say that employer brand and work environment are more important than a high salary. 

Inevitably, each individual recruiter will understand the company brand differently, which means HR managers must take the appropriate measures to ensure messaging remains consistent across the entire hiring process. Utilising advanced recruiting technologies like pre-recorded video assessments ensures that all interviews, hiring materials and contact points are aligned. 

Crack the Candidate Experience

In many ways, candidate engagement is similar to consumer engagement: with an unlimited number of options to choose between, top recruits won’t bite if they don’t like what’s being served. To ensure a positive candidate experience, employers must make the hiring process as frictionless and enjoyable as possible. This entails both outlining each step clearly and offering a candidates a multitude of ways to complete the application digitally.

Technology enables candidates to not only complete interviews and assessments at their convenience, but positions the company as tech-forward to an increasingly digital focussed workforce. 75% of companies still struggle to secure their ideal candidates  a seamless application experience remedies this, keeping applicants from losing interest and giving up before an offer is ever made. 

Communicate Openly and Effectively 

Of course, the most crucial facet of EVP is the ability to build meaningful relationships with candidates and keep them properly engaged. Today, 79% of companies have problems with employee engagement and retention. These problems can easily be fixed by establishing solid communication channels with applicants. If recruiters can talk openly and honestly with candidates throughout the hiring process, they can hold onto the interest of ideal hires and quickly weed out those who wouldn’t be a good fit. 

The best hiring process are those that open a window into what it’s actually like to work at that particular company. If you can achieve that much, you’re company will never come across as  just another face in the crowd – rather, you can position your organisation as a place where bright, motivated talent can thrive and realise their full professional potential.  


Ebook on How to Build an Employer Value Proposition

This ebook explains the key features of a successful employer brand and how to implement it in your organisation to maximise the candidate experience.


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