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How can talent acquisition teams show their value?

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How much value does your organisation place in the recruitment function?

In our recent report 'The Changing Face of In-house recruitment' we revealed that in-house recruiters are feeling increasingly frustrated by the transactional nature of their roles.

LaunchPad founder and CEO Will Hamilton, was joined by Dave Millner, HR Curator, to discuss how in-house recruitment teams can really show their value and move their function from being transactional to more strategic.

We discussed:

  • The opportunities that technology, especially automation and machine learning, will create for in-house recruitment teams to become less reactive and more strategic

  • How the right data will show your leadership teams the value of the end-to-end recruitment experience.

  • How the role of the in-house recruiter is set to evolve


Dave Millner, HR Curator

Dave has a passion for supporting HR functions in becoming more commercially focused, more responsive and more cost-effective and provides HR practitioners with appropriate thinking processes, models and broad knowledge that can be applied in assisting the transformation of HR practices. He is a regular presenter at HR Conferences promoting the need for HR to change its’ current approaches so that it can demonstrate tangible business value.

Throughout 2015 and 2016 @HRCurator has been continually rated as being one of the Most Influential People on Twitter in the subject areas of HR, People/HR Analytics, Future of Work and Organizational Development. He has also been recognized as Number 1 Global Brand on Twitter relating to the Future of Work subject matter.


Will Hamilton, Founder, LaunchPad

Will founded LaunchPad after 13 years spent working as a management consultant. Will's corporate background easily translates to his creative talent and vision of building technologies and processes that really work. 

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