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Video interviewing the key to graduate hiring success

Virgin Media

The challenge

Virgin Media's graduate recruitment is a prime example of how to deploy video interviewing as part of the graduate recruitment process.

Virgin Media has a graduate scheme that accepts on average 30 entry level employees every year.

How did they find the best talent effectively and quickly when filtering thousands of CVs?

One of the challenges for Virgin Media is the lack of prominence of their graduate recruitment scheme. The necessary result was twofold: they had to effectively present the brand to graduates and find the best talent to work with them.

"Students are increasingly exposed to video interviews as part of the recruitment process and video interviewing fits in with our company culture. What our candidates liked was the opportunity to show their personality... They value a company whose selection process is tough but fair"

Khalil Ayub, Director of Campus Futures

The approach

In order to achieve their goals, Virgin Media decided to use video interviewing from LaunchPad Recruits as part of their recruitment process. They found that the strategy they had been using previously wasn't working.

"We weren't gaining a clear understanding of what that individual is like... which is actually the reason behind doing the whole interview," Khalil Ayub, Director of Campus Futures*, said.

With video interviewing, Virgin Media was able to determine which candidates would fit in well with the ethos of the company.

As the company has grown, so have their graduate hiring – this has gone from hiring 5 graduates in 2010 to the current figures, which shows offers being made to approximately 30 graduates across 5 programmes, as well as 12 interns.


The figures speak for themselves - since using LaunchPad's captured video interviewing technology, Virgin Media have streamlined their selection, improved the effectiveness of their matching and delivered ‘right fit’ graduates to the business.

Here’s how they used it…

From an initial 12000 applications (their attraction campaigns worked!), they pre-screened to deliver 7300 relevant candidates to the process.

140 candidates were invited to assessment centres for the graduate programmes and 36 were made offers.

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