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The Attraction Power of Candidate Marketing

Using technology to win the war for talent

Thanks to global skills shortages, particularly in STEM-related industries, employers are getting increasingly desperate to fill longstanding vacancies with qualified workers. As a result, HR professionals are finding that it’s actually the candidates who have the upper hand during the recruitment process, and must be courted more like customers than anything else. As a result, the candidate experience has become a key selling point for HR, as it serves as the only real window into what it might be like to work at a company for prospective hires. 

Alarmingly, many companies are still falling short of applicant expectations – today, 70% of candidates never hear back from recruitment teams, and 60% of abandon their application altogether, citing undue length, complexity or lack of relevance. To foster seamless, positive experiences, businesses must seek out innovative tech-solutions that are as personalised as they are practical.

Understand Your Audience

The hiring process is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour – in order to remain be competitive, employers must tailor their candidate marketing in accordance with the preferences and values of various employee demographic. You probably wouldn’t recruit a top-level executive using the same approach as an entry-level graduate, right? Recruiters must identify key differences between target groups and adapt their processes accordingly.

To truly know your candidates, face-to-face meetings are a must. But scheduling complications and high travel costs often make in-person interviews unrealistic, especially in high volume recruitment drives. Video recruitment technology allows employers to connect with candidates from any location, and on any device.

Moreover, a personalised experience lets employers get an instant sense for a candidate’s character and values – and vice versa. Considering nearly half of all candidates say a company’s culture is the largest single factor influencing their decision to accept or decline an offer, the importance of employer brand should definitely not be overlooked.

Streamline the Process

More than anything, the the hiring process should be easy to navigate and relatively quick – for candidates, there’s no bigger turnoff than a lengthy application process, and yet the average time-to-hire is 43 days. So how can companies speed up the recruitment timeline without increasing their chances of missing out on top talent? 

Innovative recruitment technologies enable companies to not only streamline their processes, but also to increase the overall level of transparency – recruitment videos and realistic job previews (RJPs) enable companies to be clear about their overall employment goals and expectations. They’re also an opportunity to walk candidates through each step of the application process, thereby increasing the degree of personalisation and reducing the chance of undue confusion or friction. 

Make it Personal

At the end of the day, candidates accept offers from companies who are able to establish a personal connection. Enabling candidates to interact with recruiters face-to-face is the best way to effectively transmit your company culture and humanise your employer brand. 

More than anything, it’s important to be respectful and professional when speaking to each and every recruit. The general tone of an interview has a huge impact on a candidate’s experience. Your top choice probably won’t accept an offer to work in a seemingly intimidating and unfriendly environment. Not only will a warm and friendly interview make your company seem like a more desirable place to work, but unsuccessful candidates will feel more inclined to speak positively of your company across their various social networks.

Remember, today’s top candidates want to work at cutting-edge companies, and as video recruiting technology becomes increasingly common, job seekers will be expecting this level of engagement and convenience at every stage of the application process. This is important, considering that proper engagement yields teams that are 22% more profitable, 21% more productive and lowers the rate of absenteeism by 37% – in other words, keep your candidates happy, and your company will be even happier.


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This white paper details the changes afoot in the recruitment industry and advises how to address shifting candidate attitudes to make your company stand out from the crowd.


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