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Creating an engaging and seamless candidate journey

Do you want to offer your candidates an exceptional recruitment experience? Do your recruitment systems hold you back from creating that truly engaging and seamless candidate journey?

Our customers tell us that their legacy technology does not integrate, isn't mobile friendly and is preventing them from making their recruitment process more engaging.

Research shows that candidate drop-out rates at the application form stage are up to 90%. This means organisations are missing out on great candidates as well as losing valuable time and incurring unnecessary expense. Recruiters feel powerless to do anything as they grapple with systems that are frustratingly unfit to support a great candidate journey. Meanwhile, the competition may be ready to offer up a quicker and slicker experience that wins over your best candidates.


Creating a simple and immersive recruitment experience. Irrespective of your existing ATS, Launchpad helps you create a smooth, efficient and personalised recruitment process which is mobile friendly. The LaunchPad candidate journey begins with candidate engagement and nurtures potential talent through to assessment, interview, decision-making and on-boarding.

Improving hiring efficiency. Launchpad’s platform ensures right-fit candidates are moved quickly through to interview and into the hiring process. For companies with large-scale hiring needs such as hospitality, retail and contact centres, we help them achieve a new level of efficiency while ensuring a consistent experience for all.

Seamless Integration. Because we’re technology agnostic, you can offer fully branded, coding, situational judgement tests, psychometrics, game-based assessment, and video interviewing. No matter what ATS or other enterprise-level software you have in place, LaunchPad can offer an integration that creates a seamless candidate journey.

From branded on-demand video interviewing, to the integration of best of breed assessment providers, we help you to create a more seamless candidate journey. Not only for your candidates, but for your recruitment team as well.

A positive candidate experience adds value to both employer and consumer brand:

  • 29% of candidates would consider becoming a customer of a brand if they had a good experience.

  • 22% of workers believe a brand’s candidate experience is more revealing about brand culture than its customer experience.

  • 25% of UK job-seekers have either stopped purchasing or purchased less from a brand because of a negative candidate experience.

If you are interested in finding out more we would love to hear from you.



We surveyed and interviewed in-house recruiters across industries to find out what they’re excited about and the challenges they’ll be facing over the coming year, and it’s looking pretty complex.


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