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Interviews can be tough at the best of times, so we want to make the process as straightforward as possible to help you concentrate on the most important part - getting the job. Make the most of our experience in recruitment, and look through these top tips to help you secure your dream job and how we can assist with our video technology.


Preparing for your video interview
Pre interview tips for conducting yourself

Show you know your stuff and get to know the company culture through in depth research. It’ll make you stand out from the crowd and help confirm you’re choosing the right company and culture fit for you.

Make sure you’re clued up on the skills they’re looking for and what the job role requires. Why are you the right person for the role?

Look like a professional and make sure your video set up has you looking and sounding your best. We’ve put together some top tips to help you get your lighting right and how to avoid the dreaded background noise.

Make sure your webcam is eye level - place your computer on top of some books and sit about arms length from the camera

If you’re using a mobile device:

1. Make it stable.

2. Ensure it’s in landscape mode.

Look directly at the camera, which may feel weird at first but makes the viewer feel like you’re looking and talking to them

Try to use a plain background or minimise any distractions - you should be the focus of the video.

To remove echo and soften background noise make sure you’re not in an empty room - the more ‘stuff’ in the room the better

Look your best by having the light source directly in front of you, whether that be natural light from a window or a lamp directed at you

Dress appropriately for the company you’re interviewing for, gauge the culture from your research


What to expect from a LAUNCHPAD video interview

It really is as easy as 1-2-3. Our process goes a bit like this:

1. Decide whether you want to do it on a mobile or pc / laptop

2. Click the link in your email to enter the interview room

3. Test your audio and video and take your interview and you’re done!


We’ll break it down a bit more:

You’ll receive an email with a link to your video interview. You can take the interview on a mobile, desktop or tablet, at any time of the day. Though you will need to complete your interview before the deadline provided by the employer.

The process is the same whichever device you use but will look different on mobile vs desktop. Below we have outlined the interview flow as it appears on desktop. 

Once you have clicked on the video interview link found in your email, you’ll see a welcome page that introduces you to the role you are applying for.

First you’ll register your details

You’ll now see a short video introducing you to the LaunchPad platform and explaining what’s ahead in the process.

We’ll then help you setup your camera and microphone to get the best quality.

Attention! The next part - a practice question - is essential to check you are set up correctly. We strongly recommend completing this step to ensure your interview goes smoothly.

You’re now ready to take your interview.

You’ll now be asked a series of questions and your answers will be recorded. Typically you’ll be given a short amount of time to prepare your response to each question.

To simulate a face-to-face interview, you’ll usually only be given one chance to record your answer to see how you think on your feet.

Once you’ve completed your interview you’ll see a completion and thank you screen and you're done!

The employer will then be in touch with feedback and next steps.


What to do if you have a technical issue

If you have any technical problems with your interview, please email support@launchpadrecruits.com with your name, device used and a brief description of the issue. Our dedicated support team will respond to you within 1 hour and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Please note: that the main office staff do not have access to your interview or any candidate or customer data and aren’t able to provide technical support. Our support
email is the best and fastest way to get help - support@launchpadrecruits.com

If you have missed your interview deadline or have other non-technical issues, please contact the employer directly.


Need to take your interview on the go?

Our app can be used on Apple and Android devices across mobile, tablet and desktop.



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