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Using automation to create a personalised & engaging candidate experience

Our Changing Face of In-House report found that 72% of In-House recruiters want to use more advanced automation in the next three years. It also highlighted that creating an engaging candidate experience is still a major challenge.

In this webinar we were joined by Bill Boorman, founder #tru Conferences to discuss how automation will improve not only the candidate experience, but how it could make your recruitment team’s lives easier.

We discussed:

  • The opportunities that technology will create for in-house recruitment teams to become less reactive and more strategic.
  • How you can use advanced automation to create a personalised & engaging candidate experience.
  • What the latest technology advancements are, and what you can expect in the future.


Bill Boorman, founder, #truconferences

Bill is a recruitment advisor and founder of #tru conferences. #tru have hosted over 100 events during the last 12 months, in 65 countries and 5 continents. Reaching over 2,500 people who work in and around recruiting across the globe. This gives Bill a great insight in to the market, and the technology needed to support it. Bill is also a judge and advocate for the UK #CandE (candidate experience awards.) 


Will Hamilton, Founder, LaunchPad

Will founded LaunchPad after 13 years spent working as a management consultant. Will's corporate background easily translates to his creative talent and vision of building technologies and processes that really work. 

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