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Freeing up recruiters to add more value to the business through automation and AI

Recruitment technology has not kept pace with recruiters needs nor candidate expectations. This leaves highly capable recruiters bogged down in repetitive and reactive tasks.

In fact, recruiters have to perform an average of 53 manual tasks to get a candidate to interview. Aside from wasting valuable recruiting resource, the process slows down the candidate journey, opening up the risk of delays, drop-outs and inconsistency.

We know that recruiters want to make time for more valuable work. If they can’t be freed up to engage with top talent or find ways to improve the talent acquisition process, the effectiveness of the recruitment function is compromised.

Businesses risk missing out on the best candidates, making poor hiring decisions and suffering high attrition rates unless recruiters are in a position to add more strategic value.


Finding The right candidates - faster. LaunchPad’s platform uses predictive analytics to automatically sign-post right-fit candidates. Making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning helps organisations to reduce attrition, by quickly getting the right people in the right role.

Intelligent automation. Through intelligent automation, Launchpad removes time-draining, repetitive tasks and enables recruiters to focus on what's important - engaging with candidates and improving the recruitment process. Automation reduces the need for continual manual processes and data entry. This means volume recruitment suddenly becomes much slicker and quicker.

Video interviewing. Launchpad’s automated video interviewing platform allows candidates to take their interview in their own time, anywhere. Combined with LaunchPad’s Predict, machine learning tool you can identify right-fit candidates for further assessment and interview with a 50% further increase in efficiency in comparison to standard video interviewing. It’s also an engaging way to showcase your brand and personalise communications to candidates.

We believe that by putting the candidate first, and leveraging the power of intelligent automation, you will be able to attract, evaluate and select the best talent quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, you’ll be able to drive better performance from your workforce.

If you are interested in finding out more we would love to hear from you.



We surveyed and interviewed in-house recruiters across industries to find out what they’re excited about and the challenges they’ll be facing over the coming year, and it’s looking pretty complex.


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