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Recruitment Automation Software

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks, and hello to a fast, fair and engaging recruitment process


Recruitment teams in customer-facing industries know that these front-line employees are the face of their organisation. Without brilliant frontline staff, customer service is compromised and businesses can fail.

The challenge, however, is the volume of candidates you need to assess and the speed in which you need to move.

How can you cut through thousands of applications to find the best candidates, whilst still providing a great candidate experience, and treating the candidate as a customer?

That’s where we’re here to help. We’ve designed the latest in cutting edge recruitment technology.

On-demand video assessments, screening and skills testing, live video interviews, recruitment analytics, predictive hiring

“LaunchPad allows the interviewer to invite the right applicants to the face to face interview. This saves precious time when on a tight time scale.”

Manchester Airports Group


Using LaunchPad's recruitment automation platform you will:

  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks so your recruitment team can concentrate on higher value activities
  • Improve candidate engagement through a seamless, content-rich and mobile friendly approach
  • Create a fair, consistent and inclusive recruitment process based on data-driven hiring decisions
  • Be able to create a highly customised solution using best-of-breed 3rd party assessments
Recruitment Automation for in-house recruitment


Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are in our everyday lives making things easier, quicker and more convenient.

But is the world of recruitment keeping up?

Find out why advanced automation is key to creating an exceptional candidate experience, making your process quicker, slicker and more engaging for candidates.