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Automation for your recruitment process...

LaunchPad’s recruitment automation and video interviewing platform helps you transform your candidate journey and future-proof your recruitment strategy.

How we can help

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We help you hire high quality candidates fast. Our recruitment automation platform combines video interviewing, mobile technology, best of breed assessments and intelligent automation to deliver an exceptional candidate and hiring manager experience.

Hire faster using video interviewing

Creating an engaging and seamless candidate journey

LaunchPad allows you to bring together best-of-breed assessments into one seamless and engaging candidate journey. Whether you require coding, or situational judgement tests, psychometrics, video interviewing or gamification, we will help you to create a simple, immersive experience that fast-tracks right-fit candidates through to interview quickly.

LaunchPad recruitment automation platform

Adding value through recruitment automation and AI

The automated elements of LaunchPad’s platform, from  video interviewing to Predict (which applies machine learning to identify high potential candidates), remove time-draining, repetitive tasks from the recruitment process. Recruitment automation enables you to focus on what's important - engaging with candidates and making the recruitment process better.

LaunchPad recruitment platform - improve hiring decisions

Use data to improve hiring decisions

Because LaunchPad captures every data point throughout every candidate’s journey, our clients gain a huge amount of value from reporting and predictive analytics. This means we can help you address hiring challenges like diversity, consistency, and bias. Ultimately, we help you drive better hiring decisions.


How our video interview and automation platform can solve your recruitment challenges

We partner with over 200 customers to help supercharge their talent acquisition process. Our recruitment technology platform helps improve the candidate experience, ensures a reliable and consistent hiring process and helps you hire the best candidates faster. 
What's more our specialist support team is on hand to provide help and advice. But don't just take our word for it. 93% of clients gave our speed of response a 5/5 and 87% gave us 5/5 for helpfulness.
Find out what else makes LaunchPad's approach different in our latest video.