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Upcoming webinars

How to make the most out of the Apprenticeship Levy

With time ticking away before the apprenticeship levy comes into force on 6th April 2017, have you got your strategy and approach in place? 

If the answer's no, fear not! Join our webinar on Tuesday 28th March, where Richard Alberg, CTO, Corndel will be joined by Farrah Woolley, Student Resourcing Lead, RSM where they'll discuss the upcoming levy and how organisations can get true return from their investment.



PAST webinars

How to build the business case for video assessment

Recap on our recent Q&A session Diane Rysdale, Head of Recruitment for Hastings Direct and Will Hamilton, CEO, LaunchPad Recruits on how to build a business case for video assessment.


How to Attract and Engage Right-Fit Talent

Join Giles Kinrade, Resourcing Manager at Three, and Kirstie Kelly, Co-Founder of LaunchPad, for a live webinar discussion on how to attract and engage right-fit talent using the latest digital marketing tactics.


Can tech remove unconscious biases from your recruitment process?

Join Gareth and Kirstie, senior partners in Chemistry and Launchpad, for a live webinar discussion on whether today’s technology can finally make it possible to cure one of the biggest headaches in business today.


Talent Acquisition in the Face of Diversity - From Talk to Walk

Info on diversity and inclusion theory abounds but what are the practical steps that really get your strategy moving? Capita Talent Consulting and LaunchPad are running an informal, conversational, story-telling webinar session. Three experts in the D&I space share real life examples of how to start or refine your strategy.


How to Improve the Candidate Experience

The recruitment process is no longer a one-sided affair, and many companies, such as EasyJet and McDonald’s, are quickly discovering that their ability to attract and hire top talent is directly related to their application process. Improving the candidate experience dramatically increases the percentage of successful, long-term hires, and ensures that unsuccessful candidates will come away with a positive outlook, keeping a company’s reputation intact.