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Better decisions, increased efficiency, enhanced engagement

Video assessments are six times faster than telephone interviews, and help recruiters judge communication skills, cultural fit, strengths and motivation with unparalleled confidence. LaunchPad RECRUIT™ allows organisations to develop fully-branded video assessment process, distribute it to large applicant pools, and review candidates with pre-defined scoring.


Recruit gives you the power to:

LaunchPad RECRUIT™ enables companies to pre-select personalised interview questions and create standardised scoring criteria, ensuring that hiring is results-orientated, objective and auditable. Recruiters can share recorded interviews with other reviewers to score candidates. This not only reduces the chances of bias entering into the process, but also guarantees that hiring is collaborative and aligned with the company's needs and best interests.


Save Time With Efficient Setup

LaunchPad RECRUIT™ comes packed with functionality, to create a flawless experience.

Not only does it seamlessly integrate with your ATS (so no additional login is required), but with its intuitive dashboard, recruiters can set up new interviews quickly and efficiently. Use the white labelling feature to match the candidate experience with your brand, personalise interview questions by demographic or role, create realistic job profiles (RJPs) to give candidates a better sense of the position, review candidates anyplace, anytime from the comfort of your mobile device – each task is made simple and painless with LaunchPad RECRUIT™ video assessment.




Reduce the Cost and Risk of a Bad Hire

80% of employee turnover stems from bad hiring decision – a bad hire can cost a company upwards of £50,000.

Hire more right-fit candidates with LaunchPad RECRUIT™, effectively reducing turnover and bolstering the ranks of your internal talent pool with motivated, morale-building employees. Video assessments not only dramatically extend the reach of recruiters, they enable the company’s hiring efforts to align with the core needs of the business.

LaunchPad RECRUIT™ leverages powerful analytics to provide recruiters with the insights they need to adjust the process to be as efficient and effective as possible. The results speak for themselves: With LaunchPad’s help, Three, a major telecommunications company, was able to reduce attrition by 24%, saving the company £1.5m annually.


Safe and Secure Data Management

As recruitment processes become increasingly digitised, the security of personal data has become a central concern for candidates. LaunchPad RECRUIT™ boasts state-of-the-art security features, effectively assuaging any worry over potential data leakage or third-party threats.

Our servers run host-based Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems and Firewalls, and all information is transferred via SSL with 128 bit encryption. Our system is hosted on a secure Amazon EC2 instance with data stored on Amazon S3. Amazon’s world class network provides significant protection against traditional network security issues. All information is redundantly stored in multiple physical locations in an ISO 27001 certified datacentre. Videos are backed up in real-time, and candidate data hourly.

LaunchPad RECRUIT™ empowers recruiters to select candidates in a fair, inclusive and measurable way. By using a simple, yet comprehensive video assessment platform, hiring teams can leverage the scalability and speed that only technology affords, personalising the experience for as many applicants as necessary in order to find that perfect hire.

We have been using video interviews as the part of the selection process for our internships, and have found that LaunchPad enables us to both work more flexibly as a recruitment team and respond to our candidates much quicker. The LaunchPad team are always fast to respond to queries and keep us well informed of updates to the system. We have found it a useful tool and will use it again.
— Mischcon de Reya