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LaunchPad VERIFY™

Bring the power of data led decisions to your business

Making good hiring decisions is critical to building a successful business but how do you know when a candidate will be the right fit for your organisation? LaunchPad VERIFY™ uses powerful data analytics to provide insights into your processes and reviewer behaviour, supporting hiring managers in making consistent and fair hiring decisions


Identify Problems in Your Processes

Everyone is influenced by bias – it’s a fundamental part of human nature. But in a business context, our biases can sometimes present a serious problem. When personal opinion  and pre-existing preferences enter into the decision making process, it skews objectivity and ultimately hurts the business. Organisations must address this issue of conscious and unconscious bias head on – but how do you solve a complex issue when you can’t actually pinpoint the root cause, or even identify that you have a problem in the first place?

LaunchPad VERIFY™ tracks decision making behaviour and uses data to identify inconsistencies, uncovering conscious and unconscious bias in order to mitigate its influence over crucial people decisions. The dashboard offers key insights into assessment reliability, provides actionable feedback on reviewer behaviour and assigns confidence levels to reviewer scores.


Make Better Business Decisions

Once areas of bias removal and inconsistency are identified, organisations must systematically address them by making improvements to assessment design, training and hiring processes, thereby improving the accuracy of candidate scores so that key stakeholders can make more objective, data-driven decisions. 

LaunchPad VERIFY™ applies advanced machine learning technology to massive data pools, as well as a wide range of signals and tendencies gathered from key people decisions over time. The system looks for indicators of potential bias and generates a “confidence level” for reviewer scores, enabling organisations to immediately identify the overall accuracy of an assessment -- and the current system’s potential shortcomings.

Most importantly, you can be confident that every new hire or internal promotion represents the best possible decision for your team, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. 


Bolster Diversity and Inclusivity Within Your Organisation

Today, diversity and inclusion in the workplace has become a focal point for major organisations across the globe, but many could be thinking about and approaching this issue in a very different way. D&I is no longer merely a moral pursuit – it’s now a business imperative with measureable results.

Despite this, 44% of organisations still don’t even have a formal D&I policy. Stating that you care about the issue, publishing your diversity statistics or even implementing awareness training are all important components of a holistic approach, yet they don’t enable companies to systematically address unconscious bias.

LaunchPad VERIFY™ is the tool organisations need to support their diversity and inclusivity agenda, transform their people strategy and improve their bottom line.


Reap the Rewards

Diverse and inclusive workforces demonstrate:

12% more discretionary effort

19% more intent to stay

57% more collaboration

42% greater team commitment

In fact, for every 1% increase in inclusion and engagement, companies saw an additional 0.6% growth in overall sales revenue. Business leaders back this claim, with 8 out of 10 CEOs reporting that addressing D&I issues within their organisations improved their bottom line.

Today, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace are key drivers of business success. But in order to bolster D&I, organisations must ensure that their decision-making processes remain objective and accurate. 

LaunchPad VERIFY™ removes bias from the equation by leveraging data and predictive technologies to keep preconceptions and emotions from skewing results and influencing crucial business decisions. As a result, intellectual diversity and creative collaboration will rule the day, boosting the ROI on your new hires and promotions. In the end, an innovative people strategy is the key to long-term success.