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Launchpad SELECT

Video interview screening for an efficient, consistent and fair hiring process

A Smarter Solution

Approximately 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months, with candidates and employers typically citing “poor cultural fit” as one of the primary causes. LaunchPad SELECT™automates your initial interview screening process so you can quickly identify and advance right-fit candidates, and ensure that each and every applicant emerges with a positive experience.


Accurate, Fair and Measurable Early Assessment

When it comes to making the best possible hiring decision, objective evaluation is key. But all too often, recruiters make snap judgements about candidates, sometimes without even realising they’re doing so. LaunchPad SELECT™cuts an interviewer’s personal feelings and preferences out of the initial interview screening process completely, ensuring the initial assessment is as fair and accurate as possible.


Never Sacrifice Quality

Recruiters are often under pressure to remain “on target” when it comes time to fill open positions and meet hiring drive quotas — but they feel an equal amount of pressure to identify right-fit hires and make good decisions. The average time-to-hire for companies of 1000+ employees is 43 days. So how do you speed up the process without missing out on the best candidates?

LaunchPad SELECT™ filters out the obvious mismatches during the interview screening process, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates make it through to the next round. This way, instead of sifting through piles of CVs and resumes, interviewers spend their time on only the most qualified prospects, allowing them to get a more comprehensive picture of each candidate without missing their targets.


Getting the Right Fit

LaunchPad SELECT™allows initial applicants to gain a better understanding not only of the expectations surrounding a particular position, but also whether or not their own core values and goals are aligned with those of your company.

Selecting candidates based on qualifications for the role and their cultural fit will dramatically improve employee engagement and long-term retention rates – it’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Narrow Down the Pool

In the initial screening stages, it’s all about narrowing the applicant pool down to the most qualified candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible. LaunchPad SELECT™allows you to define a variety of preliminary qualifiers in order to pre-screen candidates before the video interview stage. If certain criteria aren’t met, candidates are automatically removed from the applicant pool, saving crucial time and resources for your team and the candidate.

LaunchPad SELECT™ uses powerful automation and the very latest in video interview technology to dramatically speed up the overall time-to-hire without sacrificing your ability to identify right-fit candidates. 

Using video interviewing provided us with the chance to stand out from our competitors and to have a process with huge flexibility for both the candidates and the resourcing team.